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Managed Industrial Switch für die Hutschiene, Gigabit Typ mit 2,5 Gigabit Uplinks

Porttyp/ Anzahl:  12 Ports insgesamt: 8x 10/100/1000BASE TX / RJ45; 4x 100/1000/2500Mbit/s fiber  ; 1. Uplink: 2 x SFP Slot (100/1000/2500 Mbit/s)  ; 2. Uplink: 2 x SFP Slot (100/1000/2500 Mbit/s)

Stromversorung / Signalkontakt:   1 x Steckklemmenblock, 6-polig

digitaler Eingang:  1 x Steckklemmenblock, 2-polig

lokale Verwaltung:  USB-C

Betriebsspannung:  2 x 12 VDC ... 24 VDC

Betriebstemperatur:  -40 bis +70 °C

Gehäuse:  PC-ABS

Montage:  Hutschiene

Schutzklasse:  IP30

Zulassungen:  CE, FCC, EN61131, EN62368-1 ,  cUL61010 ,

Software: HiOS L2S

lange Produktbezeichnung: BRS50-00122Q2Q-TTCY99HHSESXX.X.XX


Industrieprotokolle:  EtherNet/IP Protocol, IEC61850 Protocol (MMS Server, Switch Model), Modbus TCP, PROFINET Protocol


Switching:  Independent VLAN Learning, Fast Aging, Static Unicast/Multicast Address Entries, QoS / Port Prioritization (802.1D/p), TOS/DSCP Prioritization, Interface Trust Mode, CoS Queue Management, Queue-Shaping / Max. Queue Bandwidth, Flow Control (802.3X), Egress Interface Shaping, Ingress Storm Protection, Jumbo Frames, VLAN (802.1Q), GARP VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP), Voice VLAN, GARP Multicast Registration Protocol (GMRP), IGMP Snooping/Querier per VLAN (v1/v2/v3), Unknown Multicast Filtering, Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP), Multiple MAC Registration Protocol (MMRP), Multiple Registration Protocol (MRP)


Redundanz:  HIPER-Ring (Ring Switch), Link Aggregation mit LACP, Link Backup, Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) (IEC62439-2), Redundant Network Coupling, RSTP 802.1D-2004 (IEC62439-1), RSTP Guards


Management:  Dual Software Image Support, TFTP, SFTP, SCP, LLDP (802.1AB), LLDP-MED, SSHv2, HTTP, HTTPS, Traps, SNMP v1/v2/v3, Telnet


Diagnose:  Management Address Conflict Detection, MAC Notification, Signal Contact, Device Status Indication, TCPDump, LEDs, Syslog, Persistent Logging on ACA, Port Monitoring mit Auto-Disable, Link Flap Detection, Overload Detection, Duplex Mismatch Detection, Link Speed und Duplex Monitoring, RMON (1,2,3,9), Port Mirroring 1:1, Port Mirroring 8:1, Port Mirroring N:1, Port Mirroring N:2, System Information, Self-Tests on Cold Start, Copper Cable Test, SFP Management, Configuration Check Dialog, Switch Dump


Security:  MAC-based Port Security, Port-based Access Control mit 802.1X, Guest/unauthenticated VLAN, Integrated Authentication Server (IAS), RADIUS VLAN Assignment, Denial-of-Service Prevention, DoS Prevention Drop Counter, VLAN-based ACL, Ingress VLAN-based ACL, Basic ACL, Access to Management restricted by VLAN, Device Security Indication, Audit Trail, CLI Logging, HTTPS Certificate Management, Restricted Management Access, Appropriate Use Banner, Configurable Password Policy, Configurable Number of Login Attempts, SNMP Logging, Multiple Privilege Levels, Local User Management, Remote Authentication via RADIUS, User Account Locking, Password change on first login


Zeitsynchronisierung:  PTPv2 Transparent Clock two-step, PTPv2 Boundary Clock, BC with Up to 8 Sync / s , 802.1AS, Buffered Real Time Clock, SNTP Client, SNTP Server

Art.Nr. 101055

Verfügbarkeit: Ampel

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